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For a brief period after World War II the population of French Jews, Italian Christians and Arab muslims appeared to coexist in a cohesive society that had formed over a hundred years.

In this setting 3 young female friends (one from each aforementioned segment of society) make a pact to "lose it" by the end of the summer.

See more » Over the last few years martial arts films have been making more of a comeback. The upside is if they can deliver on the fighting then you can look past everything else.

The Girl From The Naked Eye takes on the martial arts genre, while sporting a comic promotional look and an appearance by ex-adult film star Sasha Grey.

This movie looked and felt like it had some good potential. The story was all over the place and led by some really poor acting.

Sasha Grey has established herself as a pretty decent actress with roles such as Entourage, but here is pretty much just a selling point for promotion since she barely even shows up.

Once upon a time (in 2010 - to be more exact), there was a naive young man called Zizou, who came to a magic city (Tunis, to be more precise) where, on a popular souk and after some ...Will it be one of those surprise gems that deliver the needed action or will it be an immediate knockout?The Girl From The Naked Eye follows a man who will stop at nothing to track down the killer of the escort he was assigned to protect.This was a movie that should have worked but just does not.If you are of the mindset of watching martial arts films just for the fighting, there are so many others that are a much better option.

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When you finally get to some of the better action and the movie seems to be finally be going somewhere, it takes a strange turn and just kind of ends.

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