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Long gone are the days of teens waiting by the easily-monitored corded phone for a call from a potential suitor.

The younger generations can now arrange a date with a single swipe of a thumb.

So much of teenage life happens in the online world.

The activities that once took a large amount of time and effort, such as finding entertainment, shopping, and socializing, to name just a few, are now nearly effortless, and can be done without ever leaving the house.

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With the power of the internet, the world is at your teen’s fingertips.

And for better or for worse, this includes the world of dating.

Users can exchange pictures, send “winks,” and chat.

The next most popular method of online dating involves dating sites like Ok Cupid and, which are websites, so you can find them in your teen’s internet history.

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Help your teen to understand how easy it is for someone to misrepresent themselves online.

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