Jmeter parameters not updating to database

Posted by / 07-Jul-2017 01:22

Jmeter parameters not updating to database

How do we know which response assertions to add to our scripts?

The reality is that I have not found a guide on how to choose these, and it always stumps me when I am teaching JMeter to someone and they ask me how do I know what to validate in the response of an HTTP request?

For those of us who work with JMeter and performance tests, we know the importance of adding validations to all HTTP Requests.

The challenge in this type of validation is to verify content that we know that, if there is an error, then that text does not come in the response.(In this particular case the $ comes from a Counter). In this tutorial, you will learn how you can test the performance of your database using JMeter. Our aim here is to come up with a framework to test REST API with different HTTP Methods.This test will be driven through a spreadsheet and the spreadsheet will contain all the input parameters, API URL, HTTP Method, request JSON, text response should be used for assertion etc.

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You can probably check for any database you have in your project. Below are the topics which you will learn in this section: Connection String and Database URL is different for each database and there is no need to remember the string as they are available on technical forums.