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Towards the end, he would shout, ‘Tell everyone that I am 100 per cent Gypsy!’” Rigo Bedak was born in Hungary in 1939, to a family of musicians.She's dressed in a black dress with red polka dots, red bangles on her wrists and a signature slash of red lipstick, her curly dark hair cascading down her back.She has the clear, dewy skin of a teenager and looks much younger than her 45 years.

Stereotypes have followed Australia's Romani “Gypsies” since the First Fleet. As the guitars throb and trumpets soar, I'm dancing near the stage with two women from Serbia.

Over the decades, Kate had inherited and collected many stories, traditions and recipes of Gypsy culture. Some of her stories include the fact that the first Gypsies to arrive in Australia were English convicts on the First and Second Fleets: Henry Lavello, Lazarus Scamp and James Squire (who, as free man, built Australia's first beer brewery).

And in the 19th century, when word travelled back to the persecuted Romani of Europe that Australia was a young and less prejudiced society, Gypsies chose to immigrate here.

For several years the two travelled over 40,000km of eastern Australia, appearing at country fairs, festivals, schools and fetes, conducting radio and television interviews for rural media. They invariably fell into two categories: the romantic, beribboned bohemians tapping tambourines and living a “free” life; or the “dirty” outsiders who shirk work and swindle.

Kate performed storytelling shows in traditional Romani clothing, while John did the planning, navigating and driving. “Don't go and play with the Gypsies, or they'll steal you away! To be sure, this was a frequent admonishment by Australian parents to their children during the early part of the 20th century, when it was common for extended Gypsy families to travel in big, American cars between country towns, picking up itinerant farming work or appearing at fairs as fortune tellers, acrobats, and musicians.

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At the age of 12, after he became a trapeze artist, he caravanned across Europe in a Children's Gypsy Circus that included performing bears.

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