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It was always a hard time for me and my cock whenever she was in her two piece bikini in front of me. She took hold of my cock and started to press it.“Seems to be a big thing inside.” She smiled. A few years back he had to go to some other city for his job. We had a very good friendship and many a times we had even had bath in pool together only in our swim suits.I smiled and came to him but befor that I demanded for some lubricant.She went to her bedroom and brought KY jelly and lubricated her husband’s cock for me and then pushed her lubricated fingers into my tight ass hole.I slowly started to move up and down over his cock.It was also a great sensation to have some cock into your ass.I cried, “ yes she is really a bitch in heat.”Debbie started to move her pussy over my cock as I also pushed in and out of her pussy and she said, “ this bitch will be more hot when you two dogs would be fucking each other with your cocks.”She was sucking her husbands cock while I was fucking her pussy from behind.I moved ahead pushing my full length in her pussy and bending over her back and took Mike’s cock in my mouth to suck for a while.

It was so hot and nasty as my friend’s wife was licking her husband’s cum from my mouth. I laid down on the edge of the tub and put my legs in the tub. Debbie started it by taking my cock in her mouth and sucked it for a while then she pushed it into her husband’s mouth and he also started to suck it.Now she moved down on to my balls and started to lick my balls.Having two tongues on my shaft and balls at a time was amazing!After getting my ass hole fully slippery I positioned my self into Mike’s ass while keeping my back to him.He aimed his cock at my ass hole and I started to sit down and his cock started to push his way into my ass hole.

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Her body is so sexy and attractive that I always lusted for her and jerked many times on coming home after visiting them.